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Upcoming Shows:

February 20, 2010
Humanist Hall
27th St., Oakland CA

March 12 & 13, 2010
Jellyfish Gallery
1286 Folsom (@ 9th)
San Francisco CA


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Dorothy Truth
©2008 Kathleen Dreier


What would happen if Death, Himself decided he wanted to change the whole Death business?

That he was tired of the whole sordid mess?

Well, Dorothy Truth, Douglass Truth's mysterious twin sister, tells the story of how she became the first and only employee of Death, Inc., and how she's helping to bring about an surprising transformation in both herself and the Death business.

"I'm looking for ways to make the death experience less frightening, more user-friendly, and ultimately highly profitable in terms of galactic balance of payment issues," said Dorothy Truth.

Truth's play is, in effect, a traveling infomercial for The New Death, Inc., designed to both test new marketing strategies and to educate consumers.

While Death is still mandatory, Truth claims that there are exciting new options and upgrades in the works. "You can't cheat Death," Truth says, "but you can work with him."

Douglass Truth
©2009 Annabelle Schossig


Douglass (and Dorothy) Truth's show last night "Death as a Salesman" at Off Center Stage was soooo good--funny, moving, wise, true, beautiful--what more could you ask? This is what art can do, remind us of our living, the preciousness... of each moment, help us laugh, cry, celebrate, wake up. Thank you, DT! - Maxima Kahn


Looked for a local play for an online English assignment and found yours. Dragging my feet after a long day at work, and just wanted to come, see and go home. AND the night turned out to be a belly laughing, cheek hurting, wonderful evening. Long time lover of the theatre, this was my first time to Off Center Stage. As I walked out last night, with my mom, we repeated some of the funny things we heard until she dropped me off at home. Thank you for giving us a new perspective. A.S., Grass Valley



photo ©2009 Stephanie Hageman



Dorothy Truth
©2008 Kathleen Dreier



Dorothy Truth
©2008 Kathleen Dreier



Dorothy Truth
©2008 Kathleen Dreier