Show Photos
Off Center Stage show - September 24, 2009

the scriptwriter on stage

Rudy Udarbe in the lobby

those shoes: nightmares

made it through the show.

getting dressed

after the show with Jimmi Accardi and Meg Mcdonnell

Beverly Lafae made the costume (RAD), helped with makeup and brought Dorothy the cel phone in a CRUCIAL scene. We love Beverly.

Trying to maintain that look.



the stage

Off Center Stage - September 24, 2009 Photo Shoot, Nevada Theater, May 2009, photo by Stephanie Hageman

preparations for The Bishop's Room show, May 2008

staff dinner

please welcome dorothy truth
photo: Joe Wheaton

Dorothy rests before the Pittsfield show

Menlo in the The Bishop's Room -
working on blocking

Reese Sutfin and Aram Larsen -
The Dead Bobs

see photos from the Oracle AZ May 2008 show here and here.

photos by Menlo Macfarlane, Mark Einert, Joe Wheaton, Megan Whilden, and Douglass Truth • perfornance stills from video by Adele Taylor and Lou Meyer